Ordering & Payments

Any payment goes through the paypal server which is the safest way to shop online. Via paypal,you can also pay using any kind of credit card, prepaid ones or debit cards included. Any personal information is protected by the law and by the privacy policy.
Please note that the lack of details in the address you provide with your order can cause a delay or return of the package,in this case is very important that you the customer provide all the details about the address in its entirety including your phone number.
Unfortunately we are unable to change any order details including sizes, styles, shipping address or email once an order has been placed
We can't cancel an order. We cannot add or remove any item to an order that has already been placed. Once the order is placed we are unable to change any aspect of the order. Please double check you entered the right address/size etc.
Is automatically determined by your shipping address - and may be added depending on your country/ state/ city.This isn't a shipping charge, but a legal requirement decided by the governing law where you live. Any orders abandoned/refused by customers due these charges will be liable for all costs shipping the order back - including the original cost of the shipping.
Click the 'Change Currency' link at the right top of the home page to change the site currency to other ones.

If you have any further questions not address here, feel free to get in touch : info@blacksanctuary.eu